Ged Social Studies Practice 7 - online test

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This paragraph appears in which historic document?

The Declaration of Independence 

The Freedom of Information Act 

The Mayflower Compact 

The Magna Carta 

The U. S. Constitution

What does the acronym NAFTA stand for?

North American Federal Tariff Association 

North African Free Trade Agreement 

Non-American Final Territory Agreement 

North American Free Tariff Agreement 

North American Free Trade Agreement

Women, such as Susan B. Anthony, fought for suffrage and were finally successful in 1920.
What does suffrage mean?

Right to free speech 

Right to get an education 

Right to vote 

Right to work 

Right to get divorced

Supply and demand are two important factors that influence the market. Supply means the amount of a specific product or service available. Demand refers to the amount of that product or service consumers want to purchase. Both of these factors influence the price of goods. For example, if there is a large supply of a product which few people want to buy, the price of that product will go down. As the price goes down, demand usually increases. Eventually, a balance between the two factors is reached and the optimal price for that product or service is determined. At that point, the supply and demand have reached equilibrium.

Why does demand only “usually” go up when the price is lowered?

Demand always increases on its own 

The supply is often decreased instead 

Price may not be the only factor causing low demand 

People want to pay more for products, not less 

The system is only based on speculation so nothing is certain

If supply of a product is limited, but demand is high, how would the price be affected?

It would go up 

It would go down 

It would stay the same 

It would fluctuate 

It would reach equilibrium

Based on the passage, what does equilibrium mean?



Perfect price 

Final destination 


A new dog toy is introduced in pet stores in April for $19.99, but by December the toy is being sold for $4.99.
According to the law of supply and demand which is most likely to be true about the dog toy?

Supply for the toy was low but demand was high 

Supply for the toy was high but the demand was low 

Both the supply and the demand for the toy were low 

Both the supply and the demand for the toy were high 

Answer cannot be determined

If a drought severely reduces the amount of corn available to consumers, what would you expect to happen?

The supply of corn would go up 

The demand for corn would go down 

The price of corn would stay the same 

The price of corn would go down 

The price of corn would go up

If 200 jobs are available and only 100 people are unemployed, what will have to happen according to the laws of supply and demand?

Companies needing employees will need to increase pay 

Companies needing employees will need to decrease pay 

Companies needing employees will need to reduce benefits 

Companies needing employees will need to fire workers 

The laws of supply and demand do not apply to this situation

What type of government does the United States have?






In the first half of the 20th century, it was not unusual for African American people to have to use different drinking fountains, lunch counters, and even schools than other Americans.
This was known as which of the following?


Civil Rights 

The White Man’s Burden 

Affirmative action 


If the last presidential election was in 2000, when will the next one take place?






American writer Henry David Thoreau wrote that if a law “requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then I say, break the law.”
What idea is Thoreau supporting?



Violent opposition 

Free speech 

Civil disobedience

What does a map’s legend help you do?

Understand the purpose of the map 

Calculate the real distance shown on the map 

Locate specific cities or rivers on the map 

Read the map’s symbols correctly 

Fold the map neatly

Which government official(s) is appointed and not elected by the U. S.citizens?



Supreme Court Justice 



In the United States, individuals who are suspected of criminal behavior are considered innocent until they are proven guilty. All citizens have the right to due process which means they are entitled to a fair trial before a jury of their peers. In addition, they have a right to a lawyer who will help them support their case. Because the suspect is considered innocent until judged otherwise, the prosecution has the burden of proof. Even after a verdict is made on the case, both sides can appeal to a higher court to reconsider the decision. All of these steps are in place to protect the safety and liberty of all Americans.

What is “burden of proof”?

Refers to the credibility of witnesses 

The responsibility for convincing the jury of their case 

The suspect’s duty to provide an alibi 

The suspect’s right to an attorney 

The responsibility given to jurors

Why can court decisions be appealed?

So that mistakes can be corrected if they are made 

To give both sides a chance to prepare a stronger case 

To stop the justice system from working efficiently 

To allow more people the chance to hear the case 

To ask the judge to rethink his current position on the case

In other countries, suspects are considered guilty until proven innocent.
How would this affect the burden of proof in a trial?

More evidence on both sides would be needed 

No evidence would be needed for a conviction 

The prosecutor would have burden of proof instead of the defendant 

The defendant would have the burden of proof instead of the prosecutor 

It would have no effect

Why is the right to due process important?

It prevents innocent people from being wrongly punished 

It provides more work for lawyers 

It lets ordinary citizens be part of the judicial system 

It forces innocent people to prove their innocence 

It keeps crime rates low

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal helped America recover from the Great Depression by providing federal money for construction projects, including schools and roads.
How did this help the country recover?

It gave money back to the tax payers 

It created desperately needed good paying jobs 

It encouraged wealthy people to do the same thing 

It made trade easier with Mexico 

It allowed construction companies to make a large profit

In American cities after the Industrialization Age began, it was not unusual to see children huddled together without shoes, warm clothing, shelter, or decent food.
These children illustrated what unhappy effect of Industrialization in the United States?

Because the focus was on manufacturing, not enough shoes were made 

Because of low wages, many people lived in poverty 

Because of protective employment laws, child laborers could no longer be employed 

Because of the freedom women experienced in the workplace, many abandoned their children 

Because parents work days were guided by strict rules, they were often strict at home. As a result, their children ran away and lived on the streets.