Ged Social Studies Practice 6 - online test

Renaissance scholars and artists were inspired by which classical civilization?

Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt

The Zhou dynasty

The Ottoman Empire

Renaissance scholars and artists sought to emulate classical Greek and Roman culture. They translated Greek and Roman political philosophers and literature. They also copied classical architecture. Europeans had little direct contact with China until the thirteenth century, which was long after the Zhou Dynasty collapsed, making Choice 3 incorrect.

Which of the following was a consequence of World War II?

The collapse of British and French empires in Asia and Africa

A Communist revolution in Russia

The end of the Cold War

The death of Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria

Devastated by World War II, Britain and France were unable to maintain their empires. Japan and Germany were also weak, which left only the United States and USSR as superpowers. The Russian Revolution had occurred during World War I, in 1917, making Choice 2 incorrect. Ideological and economic conflict between the U.S. and the USSR led to the start of the Cold War shortly after World War II ended, making Choice 3 incorrect. Choice 4 is also incorrect; the death of Franz Ferdinand marked the beginning of World War I.

Which document established the first system of government in the United States?

Declaration of Independence


Articles of Confederation

Bill of Rights

Articles of Confederation. Issued in 1776, the Declaration of Independence, Choice 1, explained why the colonists decided to break away from England but did not establish a government. That was left to the Articles of Confederation, which were adopted in 1781. The Articles of Confederation established a very weak central government that was replaced by the Constitution, Choice 2, in 1789. It established a stronger executive branch. In 1791, the Bill of Rights, Choice 4, amended the Constitution by guaranteeing individual rights.

Differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, and language can be denoted as what?


Peer pressure



Diversity. Diversity refers to how everything and everyone is uniquely different. Choice 1 (behaviorism) is the study of how behavior influences the way human beings interact with their environment. Choice 2 (peer pressure) is when a group uses the majority vote to try to persuade the minority into changing their minds. Finally, Choice 3 (adaptation) is also incorrect because adaptation refers to how a human being adjusts to their surroundings to create a desired outcome. Therefore, Choice 4 (diversity) is correct.

Read the following passage and answer the question.
“An elderly couple moves from their own residence into an assisted living facility. They no longer have to cook, clean, or plan activities for their day because the assisted living facility has it all prepared for them. At first, the couple gets frustrated about the lack of independence they have, but over time, enjoy the extra help.”
What is the information in the passage an example of?


Human adaptation



Human adaptation. Human adaptation is how a person adjusts to change over time throughout their life. While culture (Choice 1) derives from the beliefs, values, and behaviors of those in a community, it is not the correct choice for this example. Diversity (Choice 3) is also incorrect because the paragraph does not discuss differences between the population and facilities. Finally, the couple’s development (how they grow within their environment) is not a factor in the passage. Therefore, human adaptation is the correct option.

The product of a business cycle. This usually occurs during a recession.
The difficulty of matching qualified workers for specific jobs. An example would be a person changing careers.
When a person no longer qualifies for a specific job, or failing out of a retraining course for a job.
Frictional unemployment is best described by which of the following?

When a person is no longer qualified for a job

When a qualified person cannot be matched to a job

When a person is laid off because of the business cycle

When a person is unemployed for longer than six months

Frictional unemployment occurs when a qualified person is unable to find a job. Cyclical unemployment occurs as a product of the business cycle, such as during a time of recession. Structural unemployment occurs when a person is no longer qualified for that particular job.

Social Studies lesson Social Studies Practice 6 exam questions 7 questionIf a candidate in the presidential election receives the electoral votes from Texas, California, Florida, and New York, how many remaining electoral votes are needed to win?





A candidate in the presidential election must win 270 of the 538 electoral votes to win the election. If the candidate has already received the votes from Texas, California, Florida, and New York, the graphic can be used to determine that 151 votes have already been won. The candidate will need at least 119 more votes to reach 270.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is often ascribed as the cause of World War I. However, the assassination merely lit the fuse in a combustible situation since many of the world powers were in complicated and convoluted military alliances. For example, England, France, and Russia entered into a mutual defense treaty seven years prior to World War I. Even without Franz Ferdinand's assassination ______________________.
Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

A war between the world powers was extremely likely.

World War I never would have happened.

England, France, and Russia would have started the war.

Austria would have started the war.

Choice 1 is consistent with the argument's logic. The argument asserts that the world powers' military alliances amounted to a lit fuse, and the assassination merely lit it. The main point of the argument is that any event involving the military alliances would have led to a world war. Choice 2 runs counter to the argument's tone and reasoning. It can immediately be eliminated. Choice 3 is also clearly incorrect. At no point does the argument blame any single or group of countries for starting World War I. Choice 4 is incorrect for the same reason as Choice 3.

What does the following graph represent?

Decrease in supply

Increase in supply

Decrease in demand

Increase in demand

Social Studies lesson Social Studies Practice 6 exam questions 9. question explanation

Social Studies lesson Social Studies Practice 6 exam questions 10 questionIn which of the following battles did the Union casualties exceed the Confederate casualties by the greatest number?

Cold Harbor




This question is asking you to compare the Union and Confederate casualties and find the one listed where the Union casualties most exceeded the Confederate ones. At Cold Harbor, there were approximately 8,142 more Union casualties than Confederate. At Chancellorsville, there were approximately 3,844 more Union casualties. At Atlanta the number of Confederate casualties exceeded the Union number, so it cannot be the correct answer. At Shiloh there were approximately 2,378 more Union casualties. Thus, the number of Union casualties most greatly exceeding the Confederate number was at Cold Harbor, making 1, Cold Harbor, the correct answer.