"This whole nation of one hundred and thirty million free men, women, and children is becoming one great fighting force. Some of us are soldiers or sailors, some of us are civilians . . . A few of us are decorated with medals for heroic achievement, but all of us can have that deep and permanent inner satisfaction that comes from doing the best we know how—each of us playing an honorable part in the great struggle to save our democratic civilization. "
—Radio address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 12, 1942

Question refers to the following definitions of political beliefs and policies:
Isolationism: a national policy of avoiding political alliances with other nations
Nationalism: a sense of allegiance to the interests and culture of a nation
Jingoism: extreme nationalism characterized by a warring foreign policy
Pacifism: the belief that nations should settle their disputes peacefully
Regionalism: a political division between two regions within an area

Read the next items and identify which label best describes each of them.






The purpose of Roosevelt's address was to inspire a spirit of nationalism during World War II

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