All Ged Question 5

Chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth; but if the concentration is too high, they may damage roots.
What precautions concerning chemical fertilizers must a gardener take?

Which of the following compounds does not dissolve in water and cause acid rain?

Which of the following responses to an acid rain-caused fish kill would have the best chance of preventing the problem from reappearing?

Which pair of substances would likely neutralize each other?

According to the passage, which of the following is the most basic?

Which of the following is not a cause of acid precipitation?

Which of the following mineral formations would be most effective at neutralizing acid rain?

It was noted that the mice could learn to run the maze more readily if it was well illuminated.
This information is

The use of an electric shock in the teaching process is

A finding is a proven result obtained as part of an experiment.
Which of the following could be considered a valid finding?

The probable reason that the scientists used only mice from the same pure-bred strain is so that

Camels, like all animals, need water to live. Yet they are able to go up to ten days without eating or drinking. Many people believe that camels store water in their humps, but others disagree.
Which of the following statements would help prove that water is NOT stored in a camel's hump?

Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium. Every living thing tries to achieve homeostasis by regulating its processes.
To achieve homeostasis, a cell that has taken in food would also need to do which of the following?

It is generally known that a compass needle will point north. It does not point to the geographical North Pole, but to the magnetic north pole. The Chinese tell stories of their seagoing ancestors whose compasses pointed south. For a long time, no one believed these stories. Then scientists discovered that periodically the magnetic poles of Earth reverse themselves.
What assumption made scientists unwilling to believe the stories about the ancient Chinese sailors?

Which of the following energy sources causes the least pollution to the environment?

The boiling point of water decreases with increasing pressure. At high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is lower than at sea level.
Where would you expect to find the highest boiling point temperature of water?

Through friction, energy of motion is converted to heat.
You use this in your favor when you

Which of the following could be transmitted through kissing?

Which of the following is the most common result of prolonged excessive alcohol consumption?

The amount of dissolved gas in a liquid solution depends on the pressure of the gas. Under a high pressure, greater amounts of gas can be dissolved.
Pressure is used to increase the solubility of carbon dioxide gas in