All Ged Question 4

There were hardly any snakes left on the island because

The passage illustrates

A jeweler makes a fine, thin bracelet from platinum.
The jeweler is making use of which quality of platinum?

A large cast-iron skillet cooks food quickly and evenly.
The makers of the skillet are making use of which property in the iron?

Ancient Romans polished silver for use as mirrors.
The Ancient Romans made use of which property of silver?

A camper wraps aluminum foil around fresh fish to store it.
The camper is making use of which property of foil?

With which misconception about the Earth is the passage concerned?

In the passage, what was cited as proof that the Earth is round?
I. Earth casts a round shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse.
II. Earth revolves around the sun.
III. Magellan circumnavigated the Earth.
IV. images from space

Which dangers of radiation were mentioned in the passage?
I. Radiation can cause genetic mutations.
II. Radiation can lead to leukemia.
III. Radiation can cause chemotherapy.

Based on the information in the passage, which statement about radioisotopes is false?

Which of the following did Harvey do?
I. Observe the heartbeat and blood flow in snakes and frogs.
II. Determine that the heart acts as a pump.
III. Count the number of blood cells that pass through the heart every hour.
IV. Show that the blood circulates.

What misconception did scientist harbor before Harvey's study?

Based on the passage, which one of the following statements is false?

As a result of this finding, the Food and Drug Administration should

During subfreezing days in many parts of the country, the indoor relative humidity decreases when homes are heated. Furniture and skin dry out, and static electricity increases. For health reasons, doctors recommend the use of humidifiers.
Which of the following best explains the lack of humidity in the air indoors?

If the air at 75 degrees's holding the maximum amount of moisture that it can, and the temperature suddenly drops to 60 degrees, what is likely to be the result?

An object accelerates (changes its speed) only if the forces acting on it in one direction are greater than the forces in the opposite direction, All of the following objects will accelerate EXCEPT

Which of the following compounds in the liquid phase can be considered an electrolyte?

Which of the following is a nonelectrolyte?

Amniote vertebrates are generally classified into three orders: Reptilia, Ayes (birds), and Mammalia.
Of the following, which group of three animals contains one member of each order?